SAVW stays committed to its sustainability goals

Sustainability forms one of the most important pillars of ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India (SAVW). Over the years of its operation in India, the company has undertaken several projects and activities in the field of sustainability.

Environmental responsibility is a part of SAVW’s corporate strategy. It is not possible to be part of a globally interconnected world without accepting one’s share of responsibility for the environment and for future generations. This is why SAVW strives to offer products that are not only safe, practical, and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. Throughout the development process, we endeavour to minimize fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, utilizing the latest technology available.

The company is constantly working to reduce the negative impacts of its manufacturing process on the environment or at least fulfil its responsibility to replenish as much as they end up impacting the environment.

As part of their Group Mission Statement for the Environment – ‘Go to Zero’ they intend to become a carbon neutral company by 2050. By 2025, they plan to reduce their total life cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of passenger cars and light duty vehicles by 30% compared to 2015.

To achieve these goals, the company has undertaken some initiatives under the ‘Green Future’ philosophy, which include sourcing most of its energy from sustainable sources like solar, wind, hydro power or/and Bio gas. By 2025, SAVWIPL will be 100 % reliant on sustainable sources of power for its energy needs.

Currently the company has an installed capacity of 8.5 MWp rooftop solar plant at its Pune facility and around 900 kWp at Aurangabad. The energy generated from Solar contributes up to 20% of their annual energy requirement saving close to 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions per annum. It has also taken concrete measures in energy conservation 28% reduction in Specific Energy Consumption compared to 2011 ( kWh/Car), 100% energy efficient lighting in the Pune & Aurangabad facility by utilising natural / LED lights.

The company is also working towards recovering approx. 70% of the waste heat from the industrial oven and redirecting the same for reuse in HRK hot water circuit. SAVW operations at Pune and Aurangabad are zero liquid discharge facilities. The company is also taking proactive steps to conserve run off water by using a combination of trenches and bunds to improve rainwater harvesting by approx.. 500 m3 water every year. The company has also instituted Water Shed Management project in Latur, Varzadi and Gulani villages conserving approx. 220,000 m3 of water.

ŠKODA AUTO In addition to these projects the company has also undertaken initiatives such as:

It partnered with Mangrove and Marine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation for mangrove conservation efforts in Raigad, Maharashtra. These efforts were towards restoration of degraded mangrove forests in Alibaug, ensuring the survival of existing mangroves and increasing its acreage through plantation of mangrove saplings. SAVW has committed INR 3.08 crore over a period of 7 years for this project.

The company also recently inaugurated Aurangabad’s first Oxygen Park in Shendre in December 2019. The strategically located park has over 15,000 densely planted plants and trees, with potential to sink high levels of CO2 emission emerging from the industrial belt in the region. These trees to its full maturity will be generating over 1950 tonnes of oxygen every year with a capacity to sequester upto 360 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

SAVW will stay committed to its environmental goals in the years to come. The organization believes in contributing and doing its bit towards the environment.