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Happier, Smarter, Safer! At Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited we are moving the needle every year, in building a workplace of excellence.

As focused as we are on bringing the right products to our customers, we are equally committed to creating a safe and positive work environment for our people.

Our team consists of around 5000 employees across various locations in the country, who all have one thing in common: passion and commitment to manufacture products that are ENGINEERED IN INDIA, DRIVEN BY THE WORLD. This passion, above all the diversity of our teams, has formed the basis of the success of the Volkswagen Group across the globe and makes us a very special employer.


At Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited, we have been making notable strides with an intent to streamline processes, increase productivity and ensure work-life balance.

We are introducing Smart work strategies: Studies indicate that remote working capabilities and flexi hours policies can help in increasing productivity and improving morale, and keeping that in focus, we have introduced both in our new employee policies. But for flexible work policy to work, we need to commit to establishing a clear and consistent plan from day one so that it achieves the purpose of being an efficiency and happiness booster.

Supporting Physical and Mental Health at work: We are a People first culture which makes us put employee wellness at the forefront of all our actions. This year we have begun with an intensive approach towards employee health by setting up an annual calendar of wellness sessions for every age, gender and physical and mental health risks.
Our collaboration with MediBuddy also promises a more accessible and affordable healthcare for employees across all our locations.
We believe that finding balance is key, both on and off the road. Just like our precision-engineered vehicles, yoga drives us to navigate life's twists and turns with agility and grace. Here is how some of us find time for health on-the-go.


We understand that there are fraudulent e-mails (also known as Phishing e-mails) being sent out to various individuals from certain persons pretending to be genuine Human Resource employees of Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd / Volkswagen Group, luring them with job opportunities at Volkswagen and asking them to deposit a certain sum of money into a certain bank account as processing fee. Such persons / companies are also wrongfully infringing upon the trademarks, trade names and logos of Volkswagen.

You are requested not to react or respond to such emails as they have not been approved or sent by Volkswagen. We do not have a policy of recruiting employees through such means and under no circumstances do we ask prospective employees to deposit certain sums of money with us. Any such deposits made by any person to such accounts shall purely be at their own risk and our company or the Volkswagen Group shall not be liable for any such amounts paid.

Hence, we once again request you not to act on any such emails and beware of such fraudulent persons. You may also pass on this information to acquaintances who may have received such emails.
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Working with Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited

Employee Benefits

SAVWIPL is committed to providing a healthy and pleasant work environment for its employees. Offering best-in-industry benefits is an important part of creating a positive work environment for our organization, as it helps employees feel valued and supported.

Employees are at the core of who we are and we believe that having a supportive work environment and access to great benefits can also help boost employee morale, job satisfaction, and productivity that helps us retain top talent. As we prioritize employee well-being, SAVWIPL is constantly making efforts at creating a workplace that fosters growth and success for both employees and the organization as a whole.

Medical Benefits

SAVWIPL values the well-being of all employees and cares about their overall health by providing comprehensive medical benefits. . Cashless medical benefits like Mediclaim, Term Insurance, and Group Accidental Benefits can provide employees with financial assistance and peace of mind in case of any medical emergencies.

Offering additional voluntary facilitation to avail Mediclaim scheme for dependent family members is also a gesture recognizing the importance of family support and providing employees with an opportunity to extend the benefits to their loved ones.

Work Life Balance

Our generous leave policy and the option to work from home on a needed basis helps employees manage their personal and professional responsibilities.

Special leaves for important life events like marriage, parental leave, and family member deaths extends the need for flexibility during these times.

Parental Support

Becoming a parent is one of the most critical stages in the life of every individual. SAVWIPL offers parental support leave for fathers/LGBTQ and new mothers, as well as leave support for adoption supporting the importance of family and personal life.

Our onsite crèche facility is a special benefit for new mothers, allowing them to be close to their child while they work. This also helps ease the transition back to work after parental leave, and reduces stress and anxiety associated with finding adequate childcare.

Health and Wellness

Since a physically and mentally fit employee may be a wonderful asset to a company and can fully contribute to the company's growth, we feel that employee health and well-being are vital to both the company and the individual.
We have an in-house medical facility with all the essential infrastructure and tools to handle emergencies to make this easier. In addition to this, employees receive annual health checks, regular wellness consultations, and ergonomic treatment from a physiotherapist.

Learning and Higher Education

We encourage employees to enroll in higher education programs at recognized universities in order to satisfy their quest for personal growth.

We have a fully equipped, best-in-industry academy that is dedicated towards fostering talent by enhancing technical skills, management education, and leadership behaviors.
The company also subscribes to various well-known platforms so that employee learning is not hindered and the most up-to-date amenities are provided to the staff.

Deceased employee Family Support

One of the most difficult episodes any of us will ever face is coping with the loss of a family member. Despite the fact that it is an irreplaceable event, we accept responsibility for helping the close relatives of our departed employees in their time of need as a responsible corporation.

Perks New Car, Subsidised Canteen and Transport

The company provides a generous discount for employees and their relatives intending to buy a SAVWIPL group car.. Not only does this encourage employees to use SAVWIPL's services, but it also helps build brand recognition and loyalty.
Subsidized Best in Industry Meal: We have a top-notch in-house kitchen and canteen facility that is administered and managed by professionals and offers employees healthy and hygienic food at a discounted rate.
Subsidized well connected BUS Transport facility: SAVWIPL has a well-connected bus transport facility network at Pune and Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (formerly known as Aurangabad) for employees facilitating their daily commute and ensuring they arrive at work on time. By providing this facility at a subsidized rate, SAVWIPL is making it more accessible and affordable for employees to use.

Diversity and Inclusion at workplace

SAVWIPL as an organisation embraced diversity and inclusion at all levels as a strategy to move forward.

Diverse perspectives and backgrounds power our performance. Uniformity, transparency are core to company culture and environment.